Meal and Snack Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

iStock_000009815011_SmallIn order to avoid the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, it’s important to look at what your kids should eat rather than what they shouldn’t. Kids don’t do well with deprivation, and neither do adults! Implementing a positive meal plan is a good way to keep kids fit and healthy – but how? Here are some meal and snack tips for avoiding childhood obesity. Continue reading

The Last Rep – The 10% of Your Workout That Makes 90% of the Difference


It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who first coined the concept that the last rep you do is when you make all the gains. Although scientifically speaking this isn’t 100% true, it still hits the nail on the mark. The vast majority of your gains come from really pushing your muscles to failure. Continue reading

Six Pack Abs Made Simple: No Devices or “Secrets” Required

Six pack abs is the most heavily marketed promise in the health and wellness industry. Open any fitness, weight loss or body oriented magazine and you’ll find a reference to six pack abs in there somewhere.

Yet it’s also one of the most elusive physical attributes to develop. A lot of people try everything they possibly can to get six pack abs, but nothing works.

How can you get six pack abs, really? Here’s how it’s done – simply, with no devices or tricks. Continue reading